ACP Women’s Veteran Mentoring Program

What we Offer

Career Development Workshops

Topics specific to women in the workforce


Networking Events

Hosted by senior female mentors in our program

Customized Resources and Support

Tailored to your career goals




Launched in the Spring of 2016, The ACP Women’s Veteran Mentoring Program connects female veterans with female entrepreneurs and business leaders for enhanced, one-on-one yearlong mentorships.

ACP hand selects a Mentor for each veteran based on her career and professional development goals. Veterans are mentored on topics ranging from building a civilian-friendly résumé, to managing work-life balance, to refining leadership and networking skills.

As part of the Women’s Veteran Mentoring Program, female veterans will have access to exclusive networking events and career development workshops hosted throughout the year. The ACP team also provides personalized support for each mentorship, as well as customized resources tailored to every individual pair.

Many of ACP’s corporate partners actively recruit female professionals to participate in the mentorship program and are advocates of the initiative. ACP is pleased to also work with women-focused organizations including 100 Women in Finance, Ellevate Network, and GLG.

Additionally, ACP and Lean In have jointly created career development resources to help women veterans advance their goals and excel in their civilian careers.

Read the press release about ACP's Women's Veteran Mentoring Program. To become part of the ACP Women's Veteran Mentoring Program, take a moment to complete an application today. The ACP team looks forward to helping you reach your professional development goals!

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