Mentoring Program Success


11,800+ Veterans

have become ACP Alumni* since 2010


2,328 Veterans

became ACP Alumni in 2017


1,538 Veteran Protégés

obtained meaningful employment during the course of their mentorships in 2017


ACP's estimate of the average starting salary for Protégés who obtained a job during their ACP Mentorship in 2017


of ACP Protégés who obtained meaningful employment during their Mentorship in 2016 remained in their position for at least one year, compared to a Chamber of Commerce Foundation survey of 1,000 veterans which found that 44% left their first post-military jobs within a year **


*An ACP Alumnus is a veteran Protégé who has expressed that his or her mentorship has proven valuable in a variety of professional-development areas.

Mentor Survey Results


Protégé Survey Results

ACP surveys each Protégé paired in a mentorship for six months or more to measure their satisfaction with the program. As of September 2017, ACP has received 8,728 responses to the survey.


Would you recommend the program to a fellow veteran?

Yes 8,518 (98%)
No 35 (<1%)
Unsure 175 (2%)

Was the ACP Mentoring Program valuable to you in one or more of the following areas?

Learning about career opportunities 5,863 (67%)  
Improving my résumé and interview skills 5,826 (67%)  
Building a network of professionals 5,601 (64%)  
Translating my military experience into civilian terms 5,387 (62%)  
Refining civilian career goals and professional ambitions 5,136 (59%)  
Dealing with work/life balance issues 3,478 (40%)  
Searching for job opportunities 3,246 (37%)  
Determining if I should go back to school 2,721 (31%)  
Learning how to advance at my current job 2,258 (26%)  
Learning how to deal with difficult boss or colleague/improving interpersonal relationships 2,110 (24%)  
Learning how to start my own business/build my own business 963 (11%)  
Other 708 (8%)  
No, the program was not valuable 99 (1%)  

Note: Participants may select multiple categories, so percentages do not add up to 100%

Adrian"Things are going great with Julie! She's amazing! We talk every two to three weeks and she has provided great feedback on my resume and career skills assessment through Career Leader. She's also forwarded sample resumes and information on different industries."
- Lewis Nelson, U.S. Army, paired with Aon Mentor Julie Fischer



Beverly GrandisonMy mentor has provided me invaluable advice in the areas of job preference including work/life balance and practical interview assistance. I am convinced that my success in job interviews is because of her assistance.

- Beverly Grandison, 


Enlisted servicemembers








Average age


Age 30 or younger


Age 40 or older

Education Level


Veteran Education













Interested in small business/entrepreneurship


Do not identify themselves as white

Since 2010, ACP Protégé Alumni have come from more than 2,430 towns and cities across the U.S.

map showing where alumni are

A Snapshot of Veteran Applicants

Female Metrics

ACP surveys each Mentor paired in a mentorship for six months or more to measure their satisfaction with the program. In 2016, ACP received responses from 1,770 Mentors.


Are you glad that your company is participating in ACP?

Yes 1,770 (100%)
No 0 (0%)
Unsure 0 (0%)

Would you recommend ACP to a friend or colleague?

Yes 1,758 (>99%)
No 1 (<1%)
Unsure 11 (<1%)

Would you consider being a Mentor again in the ACP program?

Yes 1,722 (97%)
No 10 (<1%)
Unsure 38 (>2%)