ACP & The Daily Show Host the Veteran Immersion Program

Breaking into the entertainment industry already comes with a variety of challenges for those who haven’t served in the military, so imagine what succeeding in the impenetrable world of TV production and entertainment is like for veterans who often lack the exposure and connections to get started. Veterans have gained a variety of unique experiences, not to mention teamwork, commitment and loyalty – all qualities that help the entertainment industry thrive.

In conjunction with the Daily Show with Trevor Noah, ACP hosted its 5th Annual Veteran Immersion Program, three weekly sessions designed for New York based, post 9/11 veterans with a range of interests and experience levels within the entertainment industry. Veterans gained a clear understanding of what goes into the creation of a live-to-tape television program by meeting key staff members in creative, technical and logistical roles. 

In the first session, veterans were exposed to the creative roles that exist at the show. Producers and writers spoke about pitching story ideas, coordinating projects such as field shoots and writing headlines. The second session focused on the more technical aspects of the show, such as sound engineering, stage lighting, camera operation and graphics. These professionals provided realistic expectations of how to get a foot in the door and succeed. The third and last session, which was a networking event, allowed veterans to make contacts within the industry. The aim of the networking event was to provide veterans with the opportunity to make lasting connections in the industry.