ACP Presents: Careers in Finance hosted by Wells Fargo

On Wednesday, October 4, Wells Fargo hosted a live webcast event to introduce veterans to the vast array of careers available at the company and describe the job search and hiring process. Moderated by ACP President Martha Johnson, the panelists spoke about their personal experiences working at Wells Fargo and the value veterans can bring to the company.

The panelists included Julie Cane, VTMN SF President, Navy Veteran; Bruce Kimbrew, Group Property Project Manager, Army Veteran; Carly Sanchez, Talent Acquisition Strategy and Delivery, Military Spouse; and Lisa Stevens, Community Bank Executive, Military Champion.

Following the event, veteran attendees were invited to register to connect with a Wells Fargo recruiter for a one-on-one career conversation. Wells Fargo encourages veterans to further explore opportunities at the company through its military job search engine.

ACP would like to thank Jerry Quinn and the team from Wells Fargo for organizing a wonderful event.